Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Tea prices fall for the third week

Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Tea prices fell for the third week at an auction on February 08, with most teas from medium and low elevations seeing a decline, data showed.

Total offered quantity was down to 4.5 million kilograms from 5 million kilograms a week ago.

The weekly sale average fell from 1465.40 rupees to 1428.59 rupees from a week ago, according to data from Ceylon Tea Brokers.

The prices are down for the third week in a row.

High Growns

The High Grown sale average was up by 25.32 rupees to 1405.55 rupees, Ceylon Tea Brokers said.
High grown BOP, BOPF and BP1 was up by 50 rupees.

“Ex-Estate offerings were limited to a 0.59 million kilograms and there was good general demand” Forbes and Walker said.

PF1 in general was steady.

Low Growns

In Low Grown Teas, OP1 and OP/OPA were up by 60 and 50 rupees respectively while PEK and BOP 1 was down by 100 rupees.

The Low Growns sale average was down by 62.27 rupees to 1485.66 rupees.

“Low Growns comprised of 2.1 million kilograms and leafy catalogues met with fair demand, whilst the Semi-Leafy, Small Leaf and Premium categories were easier,” Forbes and Walker said.

“Shippers to Iran and Türkiye were very selective, whilst shippers to Russia were fairly active.”

Of the BOP1 only a few select best were firm to lower, whilst best, below best and poorer sorts declined.
In OP1 select best together with best and below best were steady. Teas at the bottom were steady.

Well-made varieties of OP were steady to marginally down, whilst all others maintained.

Medium Growns

Medium Grown FBOPF1 was up by 150 rupees while FBOP and OP1 fell by around 100 rupees.
PEK1 also fell by 50 rupees.

The Medium Growns sale average was down by 33.75 rupees to 1165.65 rupees.

In OP/OPA the market was steady, except for the teas at the lower end which dropped by 50 rupees a kilogram.

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